Consonants in Cri du chat syndrome: A case study

from the Journal of Communication Disorders

This article reports on a longitudinal case study of consonant productions in one Norwegian girl with Cri du chat syndrome from age 4;6 to age 9;4. It was shown that she had many articulation errors throughout the period of observation. Furthermore, these errors were shown to fall into three main categories: (1) errors of differentiation and tuning, (2) errors of coordination and sequencing, and (3) missing gestures. Also, omissions of segments were reported to be frequent. In sum, the consonant productions by this girl were found to be both delayed and deviant, as compared to normally developing children. The number of errors, however, decreased as she grew older, resulting in more accurate renditions of the target words.


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  1. Sure when someone grow will do less errors 🙂

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