Clinical study on acupuncture treatment of dysphasia in 80 hypophrenia children

from Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science

Abstract Objective: Investigate the curative effect of acupuncture on dysphasia in hypophrenia children.Methods: One hundred and sixty children with hypophrenia and dysphasia were randomly divided into an acupuncture group of 80 cases, a language training group of 40 cases and a composite group of 40 cases for clinical observation. Total intelligence quotient (TIQ), vocal intelligence quotient (VIQ) and practical intelligence quotient (PIQ) were compared between pretreatment and posttreatment in the children themselves and between the groups before and after treatment.Results: The total efficacy rate was 77.5% in the acupuncture group, 82.5% in the composite group and 52.5% in the language training group.Conclusion: Acupuncture significantly raises TIQ, VIQ and PIQ in the sick children. Language training only raises VIQ to some degree. Acupuncture in cooperation with language training is an effective way to treat this disease.


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  1. maria cabieses

    I would like to read the whole article !

  2. Click on the link to the journal, make a note of the citation information, and request it through your library. If you are unable to do that, it appears that you can buy a downloadable copy of the article from the journal site.

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