An experimental clinical trial of a cognitive behaviour therapy package for chronic stuttering

from the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research

Purpose: The aims of the present study were to: (1) examine the rate of Social Phobia among adults who stutter; (2) study the effects of speech restructuring treatment on social anxiety; (3) study the effects on anxiety and stuttering of a CBT package for social anxiety.

Method: Thirty-two adults with chronic stuttering were randomly allocated to receive either: (1) speech restructuring following a CBT package for social anxiety, or; (2) speech restructuring alone. Data were obtained on a variety of speech and psychological measures at pre-treatment, post- CBT, post- speech restructuring and 12 months follow-up.

Results: Sixty percent of our cohort were diagnosed with Social Phobia. Speech restructuring treatment alone had no impact on the Social Phobia of our cohort at 12 months follow-up. At follow-up, participants who had received CBT showed: (1) no Social Phobia; (2) greater improvements than control subjects on a range of psychological measures of anxiety and avoidance. However, the CBT package made no difference to the speech outcomes of those with Social Phobia.

Conclusions: The CBT treatment was associated with significant and sustained improvements in psychological functioning, but did not improve fluency.


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