Renewed prescription of hearing aids: A clinically based study

from Audiological Medicine

We explored whether or not perceived health, subjective well-being, everyday life consequences of hearing loss, and/or use of communication strategies in experienced hearing aid users were associated with the outcome of renewed counselling, i.e. a prescription of a new hearing aid(s) (HA(s))or keeping the existing HA(s). The study included 170 subjects (84 men and 86 women) who had previously undergone HA fitting and audiological rehabilitation and at study entry had indications for a renewed rehabilitation and HA prescription. Self-report inventories assessed general health, well-being, activity limitation, participation restriction, and use of communication strategies. The outcome was studied by logistic regression. Review of medical records 18 months after the renewed counselling showed that 147 (86.5%) subjects had been fitted with new hearing aids. Gender, duration of hearing loss and previous use of one versus two aids influenced the outcome under study. Reported high degree of activity limitation and dissatisfaction with life were related to decreased odds for a renewed prescription. On the other hand, a favourable self-report of general health, use of communication strategies and participation restriction were not associated with the outcome. Self-reported anxiety seemed to more than double the odds for not being prescribed a new HA. In conclusion, patients with reported anxiety, dissatisfaction with life and a high degree of activity limitation were more likely to end counselling without a renewed prescription.

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