Marsupialisation and strap muscle transposition laryngoplasty for vocal cysts with vocal fold atrophy

Objectives: Vocal cysts with fold atrophy often result in more severe glottal incompetence than vocal cysts along during phonation. Although total excision or marsupialisation are reliable treatments for vocal fold cysts, any post-operative vocal deficit with significant glottal gap will need further treatment. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of combined treatment consisting of marsupialisation of the cyst immediately followed by strap muscle transposition laryngoplasty.

Method: Under direct laryngomicroscopy, microscissors were used to make a disc-shaped incision encircling the equator of the cyst. After marsupialisation of the cyst, a simultaneous medialisation laryngoplasty with strap muscle transposition was performed.

Results: Seven patients with vocal cysts and marked vocal fold atrophy were included in the study. After surgery, subjective improvement in voice quality was reported by all patients. Patients’ glottal incompetence and vocal performance were markedly improved.

Conclusion: Marsupialisation is a simple and effective surgical technique for vocal fold cysts. For cases of vocal cysts with marked vocal fold atrophy, marsupialisation followed by medialisation laryngoplasty with strap muscle transposition may be considered.

from the Journal of Laryngology and Otology


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