Choice of target sounds for therapy: analysis focused on distinctive features

The targets of the treatment can facilitate or difficult acquisitions in the phonological inventory. This study had the aim to verify the effectiveness of the therapy proposed by the Multiple Oppositions Model, taking into consideration the target sounds chosen, as well as to analyze the acquired sounds and the distinctive features, based on the target sounds. The researched group comprised five children with phonological disorder, with an average age of 6;1 (years;months). Speech-language pathology and complementary evaluations were carried out. After the assessments, the subjects underwent speech therapy using the Multiple Oppositions Model. After treatment, another evaluation was carried out, in order to compare the therapeutic evolution and the effectiveness of the chosen sound targets for each subject. The phonological inventory and the number of altered distinctive features before and after therapy were compared for each subject, as well as the distinctive features focused during therapy. The subjects who added more phonemes to their phonological inventory were the ones that most decreased the number of altered distinctive features. It can be concluded that the Multiple Oppositions Model provided improvements on the phonological inventory that were related to the characteristics of the target sounds selected for each subject. The subjects whose target sounds contemplated the work with the majority of the altered distinctive features and the most complex sounds in the phonological hierarchy presented greater acquisitions in their phonological inventories.

from Revista de Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia

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