Affective priming with auditory speech stimuli

Four experiments explored the applicability of auditory stimulus presentation in affective priming tasks. In Experiment 1, it was found that standard affective priming effects occur when prime and target words are presented simultaneously via headphones similar to a dichotic listening procedure. In Experiment 2, stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) was varied in the same procedure. Significant priming effects occurred only when prime and target stimuli were presented simultaneously or partly overlapping (SOA=250 ms), but not if they were presented clearly separable (SOA=500 ms). In Experiment 3, an auditory masking procedure was implemented with binaural prime and target presentation to demonstrate that auditory priming effects also occur under conditions of limited prime awareness. In Experiment 4, an unmasked auditory priming procedure with binaural prime and target presentations generated comparable affective priming effects in a social attitude domain (i.e., intergroup attitudes). Results of all four experiments show that affective priming effects can be found with auditory presented stimuli, thus enlarging the tool box of affective priming research.

from Language and Cognitive Processes


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