A Simple Scoring System to Improve Clinical Assessment of Acute Otitis Media

Objective. To evaluate an easy to use 10-point scoring system in clinical assessment of acute otitis media (AOM). Study design. Symptoms of AOM observed by validated otoscopists were tabulated and scored with a 10-point and a 30-point system at acute onset of illness and at the test-of-cure (TOC) 3 weeks later. Results. A total of 330 children (mean age = 13.1 months) with AOM were studied. At AOM onset, the mean 10-point and 30-point scores; were highly correlated (P < .001). At TOC, 256 children were cured, 69 failed, and 5 were lost to follow-up. The 10-point scores were 0.5 and 4.4 for children with cure and failure. The 10-point score had a sensitivity of 87%, specificity of 98%, positive predictive value of 91%, and negative predictive value of 97% compared with the diagnosis by validated otoscopists. Conclusion. A simple, easy-to-use 10-point AOM scoring system was shown to discriminate AOM cure and failure at TOC.

from Clinical Pediatrics


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