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CO2 laser-assisted microsurgery for intracordal cysts: technique and results of 49 patients

Microsurgery for intracordal cysts is a challenging procedure, because cysts are close to the vocal ligament and the risk of inducing a scar is high. In this retrospective study, our experience with the CO2-laser scanning system (Acublade®) is reported on 49 patients. There were 41% epidermoid cysts and 59% mucous retention cysts. A quarter of the patients presented with bilateral cystic lesions and 59% had a contralateral lesion other than a cyst. The cyst was removed after a minimicroflap. It was dissected away from the lamina propria and the epithelium. Collagen was injected intraoperatively if the glottal gap was considered important. The epithelium was redraped using Tissucol (Baxter, Vienna, Austria). The mean follow-up time was 160 days. We noted a statistically significant improvement in the grade of the dysphonia according to Hirano’s perceptual scale (G pre = 2, G post = 1, p = 0.002); the Vocal Handicap Index (VHI pre = 51, VHI post = 28, p = 0.001) and the maximal phonation time in milliseconds (MPT pre = 11, 1 MPT post = 12.7, p = 0.033) in all the patients. In the professional voice subgroup (20/49 patients), there was a significant improvement in the frequency range (FR pre = 310 Hz, FR post = 434 Hz, p = 0.001). The CO2-laser scanning system is reliable in the treatment of intracordal cysts.

from the European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngologyl