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Neuropsycholinguistic findings in Crouzon syndrome: case report

The aim of this study was to relate the neuropsycholinguistic abilities of a male child with eigth years and two months, diagnosed with Crouzon syndrome. The characterization of neropsycholinguitic abilities was based on a interdisciplinary evaluation carried out by a speech-language pathologist, a neurologist, and a psychologist. Speech-language evaluation included the assessment of communication skills, oral (phonological, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic abilities) and written language. The neuropsychological assessment used the Wechsler Scale for Children. The neurological evaluation was focused on the results of magnetic resonance imaging. The subject also carried out an audiological evaluation, which showed mild conductive hearing loss. In the oral language assessment, phonological and semantic deficits were observed. Written language performance was also below the expected for the subject’s age, characterized mainly by writing and arithmetic deficits. The neuropsychological evaluation showed normal Intellectual Quotient. The results of the magnetic resonance imaging showed structural alterations of the central nervous system. Thus, the findings evidenced oral and written language deficits, and presence of structural alterations of the central nervous system.

from Revista de Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia