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Audiometric characteristics of a Dutch family with Muckle-Wells syndrome

Hearing impairment in MWS is variable and shows resemblance to previously described intra-cochlear conductive hearing impairment. This could be helpful in elucidating the pathogenesis of hearing impairment in Muckle-Wells syndrome. Other associated symptoms of MWS were mild and nonspecific in the present family. Therefore, even without any obvious syndromic features, MWS can be the cause of sensorineural hearing impairment, especially when combined with (mild) skin rash and musculoskeletal symptoms. An early diagnosis of Muckle-Wells syndrome is essential to prevent irreversible damage from amyloidosis. The effect of IL-1β inhibitors on hearing impairment is more controversial, but an early start of treatment seems to be essential. Therefore, our results are of importance in patient care and counselling.

from Hearing Research