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Resting-state EEG in schizophrenia: Auditory verbal hallucinations are related to shortening of specific microstates

Microstates of class D resemble topographies associated with error monitoring. Its premature termination may facilitate the misattribution of self-generated inner speech to external sources during hallucinations.

These results suggest that microstate D represents a biological state marker for hallucinatory experiences.

from Clinical Neurophysiology


Investigation of self-monitoring in fluent aphasia with jargon

Conclusions: Overall, all five participants with jargon demonstrated severely impaired speech monitoring under both listening conditions across all three production tasks, suggesting that the role of speech-monitoring impairment in jargon cannot be disregarded. The increase in amount of jargon and severity of speech-monitoring failure with increased linguistic demands of the production task (as in picture naming and non-word repetition) raises the possibility of a post-semantic deficit in accessing phonological codes. This possible locus of deficit, and implications for understanding production of jargon, are discussed.

from Aphasiology