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Aphasic speech with and without SentenceShaper┬« : Two methods for assessing informativeness

Conclusions: That the percentage of CIUs was higher in SSR-aided samples than in unaided samples confirms the central finding in Bartlett et al. (2007), based on subjective judgements, and thus extends the evidence that aided effects from SentenceShaper are demonstrable across a range of measures, stimuli and participants (cf. Linebarger, Schwartz, Romania, Kohn, & Stephens, 2000). The data also attest to the effectiveness of the CIU analysis for quantifying differences in the informativeness of aphasic speech with and without SentenceShaper; and they support prior studies that have shown that CIU measures correlate with the informativeness ratings of unfamiliar listeners.

from Aphasiology

Whether SentenceShaper┬«, a computerized communication system, supports verbal production in individuals with aphasia remains to be seen

from Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention

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